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The responsibilities I have for my clients is to promote their content on social media, keep up with reviews and comments to respond to their audience for great customer service . You’ll be able to generate heavy traffic

Social Media Business page

I will create your Social Media Business page on the app of your choosing, Which includes me capturing content at pop up shops, your business address, or any event your business attends.

"What I can do for you"

Build your Website

Create a website on the internet that your clients/Customers can view. Turning your web design into a real working website to build more clientele.

Maps Verification

List your offers, promos, or special membership privileges and perks here to entice people to book your property.

Management Services

Manage your social media business pages monthly including your business website, to bring in more clientele


ProMotion Videos

a short film to showcase your brand in a succinct manner to raise your business recognition


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Website Development

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Logo Design

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Social Media Business Page Set up

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Monthly Management services

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ProMotion Videos

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